Medical Consultations

Comprehensive Skin Exam
Dr. Tempera will provide a thorough full body skin exam to screen for concerning growths and moles. A full body screening exam should be completed on an annual basis for all patients and more frequently for those with a history of skin cancer at an early stage.

Dr. Tempera utilizes dermoscopy (the use of a special magnifier) to more accurately diagnose lesions. Prevention of skin cancer will be discussed in order to enhance overall skin health.

Should biopsies and/ or treatments be needed, additional pricing will be discussed.
Acne/Rosacea Evaluation & Treatment
$120 for initial visit
Your skin will be examined and evaluated. There are several different types of acne and rosacea. Your current skincare regimen will be discussed and a unique, customized plan will be developed based on your individual needs and diagnosis.
Rash Evaluation & Treatment
Your rash or new skin eruption will be evaluated and a treatment plan will be implemented. Common long term rashes include eczema or psoriasis. Common acute rashes include shingles, poison ivy, hives, allergic reaction etc.. Time will be spent discussing a thorough history of the rash, detailed exam and education regarding the diagnosis and treatment plan.
Spot Check
This appointment is designed for those who do not wish to complete a comprehensive skin exam. Up to three lesions will be carefully evaluated, diagnosed and if treatment is recommended, a plan will be discussed and implemented. Treatment of up to three lesions in questions is included in the office visit fee. If you have more than three lesions of concern, a full body skin exam is recommended.

Medical Services

Removal of Benign Growths
$250 for up to 15 lesions
$20 for each additional lesion
Common benign growths include skin tags, hemangiomas (red spots), warts, cysts, and seborrheic keratoses also known as “age spots.” Each lesion in question will be evaluated both clinically and with the dermatoscope (a special magnifier). Removal options will be discussed and performed.
Skin Biopsy
$200 for singular biopsy
$50 for each additional biopsy
A skin biopsy will be completed if indicated. This includes local anesthesia, surgical procedure and wound care instructions. If more than one biopsy is indicated, each additional biopsy will be $50. All skin specimens are sent to a board certified dermatopathologist through our pathology partner Derm Path. Additional dermatopathology charges may be billed through your insurance.
Follow Up
Follow up appointments are designed for existing patients. Conditions previously diagnosed and treated will be addressed and if necessary adjustments to the treatment plan will be implemented.

Direct Pay Model

Chiara Skin Clinic offers a direct pay model placing the patient and the patient’s health at the center of their care. This allows the physician to devote time and attention without insurance companies implementing unnecessary rules and dictating the treatment plan.
Chiara Skin Clinic does not accept insurance or participate in government programs. Patients pay a reasonable fee for their care at the time of medical dermatology service.
Patients without insurance or those with high deductibles will often find that our fees are lower than their current out of pocket cost.
If a biopsy is indicated, there will be a separate pathology fee billed by Derm Path Diagnostics, our dermatopathology partner.
If lab work is ordered, you may choose to either have it billed through your insurance or self-pay.
Upon request the information needed for you to file a claim with your insurance company can be provided.
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